Music from the Stars at Custer Institute

The Kepler Music: Songs from the Milky Way

Saturday, May 21, 2016   7 pm


Custer Institute

Outdoor concert with electronic sounds, live performers and a light installation.

Kepler Music, Songs from the Milky Way is a new work based on the observations of the Kepler Space Telescope. Each song in The Kepler Music is based on a different exoplanet’s light curve. Each exoplanet has a unique signature and therefore offers a different set of tones.

With live performers and electronics, the sounds of exoplanets from a minute portion of our own galaxy are realized and celebrated.

Music Program

Cliff Baldwin Ensemble

Cheese and Wine Reception after the concert in collaboration with Laurel Lake Vineyards and North Fork Chocolate Company

The music program is in collaboration with LICA – Long Island Composers Alliance

In partnership with Custer Institute

Custer Institute
1115 Bayview Ave, Southold, NY 11971
Tickets $35